Liver Cancer Transplants

Liver cancer is also known as hepatocellular carcinoma and refers to a cancer that affects the liver. Other names used to describe this condition include hepatoma and primary liver cancer. The liver constitutes of up to 80% of hepatocyte cells, which make up the liver tissue. These hepatocytes therefore account for 95% of cancers that manifest themselves in the liver. These cancers are known as carcinomas or hepatocellular. Other cells available in the liver include fat storing cells, bile ducts, and blood vessels. Liver cancer does not only originate from the liver but may also have originated from other body parts. These include the lungs, stomach, colon, breast, and pancreas. These cancers are referred to as secondary liver cancers or metastatic cancers.

liverAccording to statistics, cancer of the liver is rated the fifth among the world’s most common cancers. This condition is life threatening and studies also show that many deaths of people with liver cancer occur yearly. This cancer is most common in South Africa, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mozambique, and Taiwan. The main causes of this cancer include vinyl chloride exposure and risk factors such as liver flukes, liver cirrhosis, or chronic hepatitis. Vinyl chloride is a colorless combustible gas that is used in manufacturing as a chemical compound. Other names used to refer to this toxic chemical are chloroethylene, chloroethene, or ethylene monochloride. Liver cancer is characterized by several symptoms such as loss of appetite, loss of weight, a painful right upper abdomen, and jaundice, breast swell in males as well as problems in clotting blood. This failure for blood to clot leads to skin bruises and bleeding in the intestines.

Liver cancers are diagnosed through blood tests, radiological imaging, and tumor screening. These tests must be rigorous since it is hard to diagnose the condition. An Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is the most commonly used cancer test since the other methods are not very reliable. Liver cancer can be treated but the treatment depends on the age of the cancer, affected organs and age of patient. Some of the treatments that may be used include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, vaccine therapy, immunotherapy, and liver transplant. These medications may however come with side effects and it is important for people to know them. For instance, chemotherapy may exhibit side effects such as insomnia, constipation, fatigue, mouth sores, nausea, and delirium.

Liver transplant is problematic for various reasons. The cost for the transplant surgeon is high. The hospital charges where the transplant occurs and recovery starts is high. It takes a donor liver.

Using the canelim capsules with chemotherapy is recommended as they enhance efficacy by killing the cancer cells. They also retard the growth of the tumor and improve the body’s immunity. Cancer treatment methods help in reducing the effects of the cancer and improve the life of the patient. Surgery may however not be a good option since the cancer is bound to spread to other body organs and this can cause death. An early detection of cancer may lead to successful treatment and it is therefore very important for people to consult their physicians the instance they exhibit the symptoms. Cancer spreads fast to other body organs making it hard to control while in late stages. In that case, a transplant may be the only viable option.